Should Prayer Return to Our Schools?

This table scares me.

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5 Signs You’re Burning Out

This is an updated re-post of an original article from October 2012. 

It’s mid-November, and you can already feel it: The fist of anxiety squeezing your mid-section into jelly. Continue reading

The Real Hunger Games

Update (02-21-2015): Shin Dong-hyuk has admitted to altering aspects of his story due to the pain of retelling them. This does not minimize the brutality of North Korea’s gulag system, but it would not be fair to tell this story without including Shin’s admission. You can read about it here.

I read an incredible book yesterday.

A young hero lives in an enclosed compound, killing vermin to survive. Armed guards dispense beatings and murder without any check against their abusive authority. Far away, an elitist and scheming Capitol issues propaganda filled with fear and hate, brain-washing its oppressed people. Continue reading

The Meaning of Adversity

What does it mean?

All year long you’ve taught them, coached them, and disciplined them. You’ve given patient reminders and made phone calls home. You’ve forgiven and trusted.

And they still misbehave just like before. It’s as if nothing has changed. Did you even make a dent?

What does it mean?

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What Are We Really Teaching Them?

Do your students cheat?

Do they copy one another’s work and pass it off as their own?

Naw….naw…. Never!

If your students are anything like mine (sinners), then you probably struggle with cheating. And while this behavior is entirely theirs, perhaps there are ways we can teach them to make the right decision more often — and for the right reasons.

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Perfect Teaching in the Imperfect Classroom

Have you ever lost someone?

Two days ago, Ronnie withdrew from school. A charismatic young man who calls me “dawg”, Ronnie had the marks of a man hiding in the skin of a nervous, approval-seeking little boy. So I invested in him, patiently pursuing him with questions and challenges that might bring that man out for awhile.

But Ronnie got caught with weed on campus. Arrested. Jailed. He came back, but only for a few days.

Now he’s gone.

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